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Batteries & Electric Repairs


Batteries & Electric Repairs

Batteries and electric repair services include:
  • Battery Testing and Replacement: A dead or weak battery can leave you stranded. We’ll test your battery to determine its health and recommend replacement if necessary. We carry a wide range of high-quality batteries to fit your vehicle’s specific needs.
  • Alternator Replacement: The alternator is responsible for charging your battery and powering your vehicle’s electrical systems. We’ll replace your alternator with a high-quality part to ensure your vehicle’s reliability.
  • Starter Replacement: A faulty starter can prevent your vehicle from starting. We’ll replace your starter with a high-quality part to get you back on the road.
  • Electrical System Diagnostics and Repair: From fuses and relays to wiring and sensors, our skilled technicians can diagnose and repair any electrical system issues your vehicle may have.
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Services: Hybrid and electric vehicles have unique battery and electrical systems. Our technicians have the training and expertise to diagnose and repair any issues with your hybrid or electric vehicle.

At Floro Company, we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We’re committed to providing you with top-quality battery and electric repair services. Contact us.